The Practice provides a private microsuction clinic, which is an effective form of ear wax removal, available via appointment only. This clinic is only for patients who are NOT registered with us for GP services.  We can suggest other providers locally if you are one of our registered patients including Fallodon Way Surgery, telephone 0117 962 4692 and Greenway Community Practice, 0117 959 8939.


Private ear wax clearance using microsuction is provided by our practice nurse Caroline Atherton (only for patients not registered with our practice)

Caroline is a registered nurse and has qualified to provide this treatment as a non-NHS, private service at the practice.

Microsuction is a wax removal technique using a precision suction apparatus to suck unwanted or obstructing skin cells and wax from the external auditory meatus (ear canal).

We use surgical lenses (loupes) which provide binocular magnification so that the tip of the fine cannula (the suction tube) is always under direct vision.

This technique contrasts with ear syringing where liquid is squirted into the ear to dislodge the wax. Microsuction is a more precise and gentle technique than ear syringing.

Occasionally we may need to use other instruments to remove hard wax. The technique means that we can always see what we are doing and can avoid touching the skin of  the sides of the ear canal, which makes the process a lot more comfortable. 

What to expect from Ear Microsuction

We will talk you through the procedure, show you the equipment  and ask you to sign a consent form before we start.

The microsuction process can be noisy and occasionally make you feel dizzy. This usually passes within a few seconds.  If you are having the procedure undertaken on both ears, it will take up to 30 minutes

Prior to the Procedure

It is really important that you soften the ear wax by putting two drops of olive oil into the relevant ear/ears, twice daily, for at least a week prior to your appointment. We would prefer for you to oil your ears for two weeks if you can. Please note that if you have not done this, and the wax is too hard to remove, you may still be charged for the procedure.


The charges for this service are:

    1 ear: £40.00

    2 ears: £60.00

Check only (no removal) £10

Missed appointment charge £20

Patient Record 

A private patient medical record is created for our microsuction patients. This is stored within our clinical computer system. We, therefore, ask for your address, date of birth and telephone number to start this record, which will be retained, fully secure. Your treatment may require us to write to your GP so consent to share your treatment with your GP is part of our consent process. 


No treatment of ear wax is completely ‘risk-free’. Some of the risks and side effects of microscopic and microsuction ear wax removal include:

-Damage and trauma to the ear canal and eardrum (including perforation).

-If microsuction is being performed a loud noise can be generated in the ear canal due to the suction. In some people this can cause hearing loss (temporary or permanent) and tinnitus (ringing type noise inside the ear) or worsening of it if already experienced. This is rare.

-Microsuction ‘cools’ the temperature inside the ear canal which can lead to faintness, dizziness or vertigo. This is due to the ‘caloric’ effect and is normally short lasting.