Patient and Friends Newsletter - Autumn 2018

Stay well this winter

If you are over 65 or in an at risk group you will be eligible for an annual flu jab. Please access this here as it helps to fund our practice team and services, as well as providing a joined up medical record.

Over 65’s are also invited to have a one off vaccine against pneumonia.

Patients aged 70, 71, 72, 73, 74 on 1st September and then on 78th birthday are eligible for shingles vaccine

All 2 and 3 year olds are able to have a nasal flu.

Children aged 4-10 will be offered a flu vaccination at school

Children aged 6 months to 18 years and in at risk groups can have a flu vaccine at the practice.

This year due to changes in the flu vaccine the injectable flu will be with us about two weeks later than previous years. Our first flu clinic is on Saturday 29th September.

We will be offering vaccinations at a range of times to suit patients- please ask.

Please ask if you have any questions about eligibility. You can also view our detailed guide on our website


Team changes

We have recently bid farewell to Dr Charlie Andrews who has completed his GP training with us and now gone to work as a GP in North Somerset. Congratulations Charlie

We have recently welcomed Dr Nick Bisson as our ST3 Doctor. Nick is in his final year of training to be a GP and will be with us full time until July 2019.


A teaching and training practice

During the next few months we will also be joined by a range of medical students from 1st to 5th year, who with our patients’ consent get an experience of what it is like to be a doctor in General Practice. Many of our GPs get involved in teaching and really enjoy supporting our next generation of doctors. Thank you to all our patients who allow the medical students to get involved in their case.


Excellent access

We regularly check our access against other practices locally and are pleased to report it is excellent, with a GP appointment being available within 3-5 days.

Please book ahead to see your preferred GP and try to see the same GP with the same problem.

We have our excellent express team run by Hayley and Sarah for daily appointments Monday –Friday. Hayley and Sarah see two thirds of our patients that need to be seen on the day.

We are a growing practice and we are happy to welcome new patients. We are able to register all residents in our practice catchment as well as offering an extended service to patients who find it easier to access us but live further afield (criteria apply).