When you find out you are pregnant you may have a number of questions and/or symptoms you wish to discuss. We invite you to book with the midwife at about 8 weeks gestation. If you have any medical questions you are welcome to see your GP too. Please collect a pregnancy pack from reception which has lots of information for you, and includes forms to complete to register for free prescriptions and free dental care in pregnancy.

The midwife co-ordinates your care for the pregnancy, including offering you screening blood tests and ultrasound scans. The GP and/or obstetrician will also be involved if you have any medical conditions which may affect your pregnancy. Private pregnancy scans are available through GP care.

It is recommended to take vitamin D and folic acid supplements during pregnancy. Vitamin D is recommended throughout breastfeeding also, at a dose of 10mcg per day, it can be bought over the counter. Folic acid is recommended when trying to conceive until 12 weeks of pregnancy, at a dose of 400mcg per day (available over the counter) unless you have diabetes epilepsy or your BMI is over 30, in which case a prescription dose of 5mg per day is recommended.

A common area of concern is the use of medications in pregnancy. This website is a good place to start and contains an A-Z index by medication name or type. 

If you would like advice on pelvic floor exercises please click here

Baby Clinic

Drop in session time for baby clinic is as follows:

9.30am-11am Tuesdays,

Henleaze United Reform Church,

Waterford Rd.

Breastfeeding Counsellor

A breastfeeding councellor drop in session is currenty being trialled at:

9.30am - 12.30pm Wednesdays,

Badocks Wood Children centre


Midwife Base (at Southmead Health Centre)

0117 950 7000