Diabetes Prevention Programme




Fast online access to NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme has expanded access by moving from a referral only route (from General Practice) to add a self-referral route via an online risk tool. This is available across BNSSG.
  • This additional referral route was introduced to help our population at risk of Type 2 diabetes to benefit from the Healthier You programme, recognising the capacity and clinical pressures faced by General Practice during the COVID-19 pandemic and reduced capacity within phlebotomy services. Eligibility to self-refer is based on the Diabetes UK risk tool which can be completed on the Diabetes UK website.
  • Anyone with a risk score of 16+ will be eligible to join, permitting they are aged 18 – 79, not pregnant and do not have a current Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Healthcare professionals are encouraged to continue offering the programme to people who are identified as having non-diabetic hyperglycaemia via HbA1c or fasting plasma glucose (FPG) testing during clinical care.
  • It is important that referrals into Healthier You continue from GP practices where possible. For more information about the self-referral route, please contact Adam Martin.