Patient Board Newsletter

Spring 2024




Changes to Staff Team

  • Dr Bench retired at the end of November.
  • Dr Koupparis, who is the senior partner, is leaving at the end of March.
  • Sue Elliott-Smith, Health Care Assistant (HCA) is retiring at the end of March.

The surgery has appointed a new Doctor to fill the vacancy and have advertised for an HCA.


How do I obtain test results?

If you have had a urine dip test, if it’s normal you will not receive a result but can contact the surgery as it will be logged on your records by the nursing staff. You will only receive notification if the result was positive e.g testing for a UTI. If the urine test has been sent to the lab and results have been requested, you will be informed of the results. If you have had a blood test, the results will be sent as a text message whether the results are normal or abnormal

At a Glance

Covid-19 Booster 2024

There is no news yet as to any further Covid-19 booster vaccinations and this is not expected to be known until much nearer the time.

Flu Clinics 2024

The surgery vaccinated around 3,000 patients last year. They are already planning our clinics for 24/25 and will be able to offer the vaccine to patients in Saturday clinics again in September 2024. Once the surgery have delivery dates confirmed for the vaccine, they will start organising clinics and inviting patients to book.


New Phone system feedback

The general feedback has been that the call queue system is better and that patients like the call back feature. Recently, the installation of a new fibre line has been completed, which should reduce the intermittent service and increase call quality.


Patient Board

Do you have an hour to spare every 3 months?

The Patient Board consists of a small group of patients who work closely with the Practice Manager to discuss issues identified by patients which aim to improve the surgery’s services. The patient board are always looking for new members.


What are the other services provided by the surgery and what do they do

We have various other practitioners working at the surgery who offer appointments, including:

  • Care Co-ordinator - Supports things like cancer care and those who are frail
  • Mental Health Practitioner
  • First Contact Physiotherapist - Will assess and diagnose where appropriate and give expert advice on how to best manage conditions but will refer to specialist services if needed
  • Social Prescribing Service

Westbury Hill Public Car Park Update

The car park at the front of the surgery is owned and operated by Bristol City Council. There continues to be no date for the promised public consultation on the plan to introduce car park charging. When the consultation date is made available, it is important to note the below:

  • It is important that individuals record their concerns. Signing a petition is supported but even if 500 people sign the petition, it will only count as one objection. Consequently, it is important that individuals comment.
  • The Westbury car park is the only car park (out of the ten the council are proposing the charge for), that cannot provide alternative parking for its users, (i.e another two sites have GP surgeries but they have patient parking available), and it is the only site in which staff have to cross the public car park in order to reach the private car park.

Published: Feb 7, 2024