Self Harming




When you harm or hurt yourself, it is called self-harming. Things you may do are:

  • Poke things into your body
  • Hit yourself
  • Have an overdose of tablets (take too many)
  • Make cuts on your body
  • Hit your head
  • Throw yourself against something hard
  • Make burns to yourself
  • Swallow things other than food

Many people may think these things are done on purpose. We know that someone who may self-harm themselves are usually very unhappy and are in a state of high emotion. It may happen in the heat of the moment, or for others it could be planned in advance.

For some people self-harming is regular, so it can be hard to stop, although for others it may only happen once or twice.

Even if some people harm themselves in less obvious ways, they are still serious. A person may suggest that they do not care whether they live or die. Some just starve themselves, others may take drugs chaotically, have unsafe sex, or drink a lot of alcohol (binge drink). 

If you self harm or are worried about someone who does some sources of additional information and support are below.