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Blood test appointments

Our Healthcare Assistants will complete tests that are requested by your GP, or by the hospital. We cannot take bloods without a request from a healthcare professional. If you arrive for a blood test and we cannot see the request in the notes, we won't be able to go ahead.

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Common blood tests

Below are the common blood tests that we can complete here at the surgery.

  • Blood Count (FBC)
  • Kidney Function (U&E)
  • Liver Test (LFT)
  • Cholesterol/Lipid Profile
  • Thyroid Test (TFT)
  • Diabetes Check (Hba1c)
  • Prostate Test (PSA)
  • B12/Folate/Ferritin (Iron)
  • FSH/LH/Progesterone (Hormones)

If you are seeking tests as part of elective treatment or specialist private care, we would ask that you have these tests done at your existing private clinic, or at a provider that is set up for private tets, such as the Spire Hospital.


Test results

Please allow up to 5 working days for test results to come back. Cervical screenings can take up to 3 weeks so please allow longer for these.

Our clinicians typically use text messaging to communicate test results with patients. If several tests have been carried out, you may receive more than one text.

If you have the NHS app, you will be able to see exact values, results and the GP's comments. You won't be able to see results until the GP has reviewed them.

If phoning for results, we would ask that you call after 12pm so as to avoid the urgent morning calls.

To ensure confidentiality and security, test results will only be given to the patient directly and not to relatives or friends, unless there are clear instructions on the patient's record that allow us to do so.

We will, of course, make every effort to contact you should your returned result need urgent action. However, it is your responsibility in all cases to find out the result of your test.

The GPs check the results before our Care Navigators can give any information to you. Our Care Navigators will only be able to state that a result is normal or that you will have to speak to the GP. Unfortunately, they are unable to relay other information regarding the test results. 

If the GP needs to speak to you personally, our Care Navigators will help arrange this which may take the form of a telephone appointment, or a face-to-face appointment if preferred.