The COVID-19 Booster and Flu Vaccination 

This page has been designed with our Patient Board to try and provide you with information for the COVID-19 Booster vaccination and Flu vaccine.  We hope you find it useful. 

We will next be offering the Flu and COVID-19 vaccination to patients in the autumn. 

 If you are not registered with us as a patient we are not in a position to offer you the vaccine.  This includes students who may be visiting home. 

If you have not yet had your COVID-19 booster vaccination and require it,  please call 119 or go to your nearest walk-in-centre for the booster vaccine. 

I have a question about the COVID vaccine - what should I do?

There is lots of information available online.  You can also try the nhs website and healthiertogether. We are not able to offer individuals appointements with clinicians to discuss the vaccine.  However, if you cannot find the answer to your question please contact us via e-consultation or e-mail and we will do our best to answer any querries you have.  

Published: May 17, 2022