Covid Spring Booster - Update




The deadline for Spring Covid-19 booster vaccination, for people aged 75 or over or anyone over 6 months who is severely immunosuppressed was the 30th of June 2024.  We will next update this page when we have finalised our plans for the flu vaccine and any intended Covid-19 campaign schedules for the autumn.  In the interim, we would encourage you to save the below dates for our proposed clinics:

Saturday 5th October 2024: Those aged 65 and over

Saturday 12th October 2024: Those aged under 65

We kindly request that, wherever possible you support our surgery and have your vaccination(s) with us. We appreciate many other community services may offer you the vaccines, including your local pharmacy. Please, wherever you can, chose to have it with us.

Thank you.

Published: Jul 1, 2024