We had our last flu vaccination clinic on Saturday December the 5th

Thank You to everyone for helping us complete our flu vaccination programme this year.  


Am I eligible for the vaccination?

If you wish to check if you are eligible you can go online using the Patient Access app. Login and follow the questions to give you an eligibility answer. You are eligible: 

• If you are aged 65 years or over 

• If you are on regular inhaled steroids

• If you have a chronic respiratory disease (including asthma if you are on regular inhaler steroids)

• If you have chronic heart disease

• If you have chronic kidney disease

• If you are diabetic 

• If you have a weak immune system

 •If you live in a long-stay residential or nursing home

• If you have a chronic liver disease

• If you are a carer

I am aged between 50-64 but not in an at-risk group, can I have the flu vaccine?

In 2020 due to COVID-19 those aged between 50-64 were abe to have the flu vaccine from late November.  We have now had our last flu clinic for those aged between 50-64 years of age.

I did not get my vaccine with you this year, where can I have a private flu vaccination?

Click here to see where you can get a private flu vaccination if you wish

Flu vaccination booklet: download and read our flu information leaflet. 

Published: Dec 6, 2020